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EPS foam cold pressing styrofoam densifier is a Styrofoam recycling machine, which can smash the waste Styrofoam materials into small pieces by the blades and gears, and then it could be easily compressed into tight foam ingots at a ratio of 50:1. After compaction, the waste Styrofoam can be reused to make other products, such as frame products and construction moldings

EPS foam cold pressing styrofoam densifier to reduce the size of expanded polystyrene foam and expanded polypropylene foam for easier transportation. It is also called EPS densifier and styrofoam compactor. It is widely used in sea food processing plant, electronic factories, White goods and black goods stores, and the supermarkets.

In addition, the applicable materials also include XPS, EPP, food trays and cups. EPS foam cold pressing styrofoam densifier is able to eliminate all your waste foam recycling concerns.