PET plastic pelletizing machine, New under water cutting plastic granulator machine, PET pelletizer video

New Under Water Strand Pelletizing Machine system: The strand go into the pelletizer by the water flow, even the strand is break during changing the filter, there will no waste after starting.
We can control the temperature of the final pellets. We can make it hot, if you want to crystallize the final pellet. It will save the energy to heat up the pellets.

PET plastic pelletizing machine is applied to the waste recycled PET materials, which needs high processing performance of melting, volatilization, filtering etc., mainly used in the PET scraps recycling and re-pelletizing.
To slowing down IV reducing during recycle PET flakes/scraps recycling, not only need separete the impurities, such as PVC, moisture, etc., but also precise recycling system and reliable equipment configurations are necessary to put in the solution.
PET plastic pelletizing machine with international advanced recycling technology and combined with the actual application condition. This PET plastic pelletizing machine is design specializes for recycling the recycled washed plastic PET plastic flakes, such as Cola plastic bottle flakes, purified water bottle flakes, PET sheet flakes, PET drinking bottle flakes etc.
After processing techniques such as feeding, heating, melt, cooling, drying, cutting etc., the final products are PET plastic pellets/granules that can be to produce new PET plastic products