2000kg/h PET recycling machine, PET bottle recycling machine, PET bottle plastic recycling machine video


This plastic recycling machine is to crushing washing recycling the waste plastic PET bottles. This PET plastic recycling machine is consist of label remover, sortor, crusher, cold washer, hot washer, dewatering, packing system. It can get the clean PET flakes from PE PP cap, oil, PVC label, then use the PET flakes again, to avoid plastic pollution.

This PET plastic recycling machine can easily wash and recycle waste PET bottles. Waste and dirty PET bottles can be disposal step by step in this PET plastic recycling machine. It is special for recycling PET bottles. We equiped drying system at the end of the washing line so that completely dry flakes can be collected and packed directly after been washed.

The whole PET plastic recycling machine can designed based on how dirty the PET bottles are, and make sure of the quality of the final products.

Coordinating the production line with follow processing work (PET pelletizing machine), and it will make waste and dirty PET bottles to be the PET pellets material, and can to producing new PET bottles.


The whole line includes(customizable):

Metal Chain Convery→De-Baler(Baler Opener) →Belt Conveyor→Tromel→Belt Conveyor→Label Remover→Sorting Table→Metal Detactor→Belt Conveyor→Crusher→Screw Loader→Floating Washer→Friction Waser→Hot Washer→Screw Loader→Friction Washer→Floating Washer→Dewatering Machine→Zig-Zag Separater→Silo


The working principles and characteristics:

1 It can be realized automatically unpacked bottle brick machinery, and by continuous washing can be sand, cleaned of impurities, also remove the PE labels, paper labels and some PVC labels, then it makes the continuous washing in bottle recycling process more easily, and better utilization.

  1. In the selection work platform, you can remove the bottle containing heterogeneous classes, different color bottles, labels, chips, metal and garbage in PET bottles, to ensure the next step for crushing bottles more easily.
  2. Designed for PET bottle crushing mill, with a smooth feed, output stability, low power consumption with vibration, low noise level, and the structure is strong, low maintenance, long life characteristics. In wet grinding, in addition to the use of water strengthen the impact of PET debris to improve cleaning effect, and because the cooling effect of water can lower the friction heat, reduce the PET debris, extended knives’ life;
  3. The purpose of floating washing, hot washing, rubbing and rinsing of PET bottle is for the final purification PET flakes. The machine is mainly relied on three washing force: mechanical, chemical and thermal power, remove the film of the trademark label in bottles, bottle caps, glue, medicine, and other impurities, etc.;
  4. Dehydration and finished packaging steps is prepare for the bottle flakes dehydration and packaging.



After this PET bottle flakes crushing, recycling and washing recycling machine line, our company also supply the following production lines of PET bottle granulating machine, that to make the waste and waste PET bottle be the new finished products.